Safe Deposit Boxes

It is very convenient and safe to store documents and valuables in a safe deposit box.

With a Raiffeisenbank safe deposit boxes you can:

  • Store personal belongings:
    • Jewelry
    • Works of art
    • Documents
    • Cash
    • Other valuables, except for a short list of prohibited articles (weapons, drugs and substances that can harm human health and the safe deposit box)
  • You can rent a safe deposit box for settlements on property transactions
  • You can visit the repository as often as you need during the working hours of the office

Top Security

  • A box can only be opened with two keys: yours and a bank employee’s. A safe deposit box cannot be opened with just one key, two of them are needed simultaneously.
  • Your safe deposit box can be accessed only by you and persons you have granted permission to.
  • In property transactions, the conditions for access to the safe deposit box by the seller and buyer are indicated in the supplementary agreement to the lease agreement.

    The lease amount depends on the city where the branch of Raiffeisenbank is located, on the lease period, transaction type and size of the deposit box. The Bank offers safe deposit boxes of the following sizes (height):

    • Up to 10 cm
    • 11–20 cm
    • 21–40 cm
    • 41–60 cm
    • Over 60 cm

Terms and Conditions for Servicing

Benefits of Storing in a Raiffeisenbank Safe Deposit Box

  • An individual safe deposit box, or safe box, is a metal safe box stored in a single cell in a specially equipped highly protected bank vault
  • Complete confidentiality of contents: no one knows what is stored in a safe box except you and your trustees
  • Flexible hours for access to the vault
  • Ability to grant permission for relatives to use the safe box
  • Ability to select the desired size of the safe box
  • Rent of safe boxes is offered in 50 bank branches across the country
  • Storage of documents and valuables in a safe deposit box is the protection from all accidents that can happen in an apartment or house (fire, flood, theft). You can always safely go on vacation or business travels, leaving your most valuable items and documents deposited in the bank.
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