Enabling the SMS Notifications Service

How can you enable the SMS Notification service?

You can enable the service in the following ways:

  • Through the R-Connect Internet banking system (in the ‘SMS Notifications’ section)
  • By calling the Information Center at +7 495 777-1717 in Moscow or 8 800 700-17-17 in other cities (Toll free in Russia)
  • Using Raiffeisen Teleinfo (IVR), following the guidance of the system.
  • In the А-class branches of Raiffeisenbank

Within several minutes of activation of the service, an SMS notification confirming your successful activation will be sent to the mobile phone which was used to enable the service: The Raiffeisenbank SMS notifications for card *1234 are activated.

If such notification is not received, it means that activation of the service was not successful (for example, the phone number may have been entered incorrectly). Please delete the previous subscription and go through the subscription procedure again.

How can you change the phone number used for the ‘SMS Notifications’ service?

You can change the number of subscription for ‘SMS Notifications’ service via:

  • R-Online Internet Banking System;
  • R-Connect Application for Mobile Devices;
  • any Raiffeisenbank ATM;
  • any branch of Raiffeisenbank.

How can you deactivate the ‘SMS Notifications’ service?

You can deactivate the service in any А-class office of the bank.

When deactivating the service you will receive the following message: The ’SMS Notifications’ service for the card (4 last digits of your card number) is disabled. Phone (telephone of the Raiffeisenbank twenty-four-hour technical support). Raiffeisenbank.

SMS Notifications Terms of Service

The ‘SMS Notifications’ service is provided in accordance with the rules of section 10 of the «General conditions for servicing of individual accounts, deposits and consumer loans» (you can find the latest version of file here).

List of mobile operators

You can activate SMS notifications for the following mobile operators:

List of mobile operators
  • MTS (OAO «Mobilnye TeleSystemy»),
  • Beeline (OAO «Vympelkom»),
  • Megafon (ZAO «Mobikom-Center»),
  • ZAO «Mobikom-Novosibirsk»,
  • North-West Branch of OAO «Megafon»,
  • ZAO «Mobikom-Kavkaz»,
  • ZAO «Mobikom-Khabarovsk»,
  • OOO «Kontent Ural»,
  • OOO «Tele2 Rossia International Cellular B. V.»,
  • Skylink (OAO «Moskovskaya Sotovaya Svyaz»),
  • ZAO «Delta Telekom», ZAO «Baikalvestkom»,
  • ZAO «Eniseitelekom», ZAO «Sonik Duo»,
  • ZAO «Uralskii GSM»,
  • ZAO «MSS-Povolzhye»,
  • ZAO «Volgograd GSM»,
  • ZAO «Nizhegorodskaya sotovaya svyaz»,
  • ZAO «Stek GSM»,
  • ZAO «Astrakhan GSM»,
  • ZAO «Ekaterinburg-2000»,
  • ZAO «Uralvestkom».

Options to activate the service

You can activate the service for one or more of your cards.

For each card, you can indicate the phone number which will be used to receive SMS notifications. Each card can be linked to a separate telephone number, or multiple cards can be linked to one phone number. You cannot link a card to several different mobile numbers. The service can be connected to any GSM mobile operator that supports SMS service, as well as SkyLink in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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