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Active Transactions

Statements and Mini Statements on Bank Accounts/Cards

Statements can be issued for the current and for the preceding years. The data in the statement can be sorted by any column. Mini statements enable you to list a specified number of transactions. For your convenience, the reserved funds are displayed in grey color in the card statement.

Periodic Credit Card Statement

Except for the credit card statements and mini statements the ‘Periodic Statement’ service allows you to view the minimum payment amount, the debt of the grace period, accrued interest and other information on your credit cards for the reporting period. Also, the periodic credit card statement shows the deposits of funds to the credit line.

Account (Card) Balance

The account (card) balance is displayed immediately after logging in. Any currently reserved funds are considered in the card balance as well.

Deposit Information

Deposit information includes the following:

  • Date of opening and conclusion of the Deposit Agreement
  • Duration of the deposit
  • Currency of the deposit
  • Interest and effective rate (if applicable)
  • Initial amount of deposit
  • Current deposit amount
  • Amount of interest at the end of the deposit agreement
  • Information on prolongation
  • Information about the terms and the method applied for payment of interest
  • Minimum balance (if applicable)
  • The number of the associated current account

Information on Loans

Information on loans includes the amount of each loan, date of loan inception and withdrawal, interest rate, principal balance, as well as the amount and date of the next payment for the loan.

You can also view the history of loan payments, where the information on repayments of interest and fixed-debt liability is shown.

SMS Notifications

This option allows for tracking of operations on bank cards such as changes of the card balance in cases of receipt of funds on the account /charge-offs from the account to which the card is linked, notifications about the minimum payment and mini statements (in the case of a credit card). You may find out more about this service in the ‘SMS-Notifications’ section. You may enable this service though the Raiffeisen Online system.

Information on Raiffeisen Capital Management Company Mutual Funds

This information includes the quantity and value of the acquired shares of each of the funds, personal account numbers, and the numbers and dates of application for the multiple acquisition of shares.

Offers for You

This service lets you quickly learn about new individual offers from the bank and apply for them easily. It also provides information on current and previously received offers and their duration periods. This section is updated monthly.

Export of Bank Account Statement to QIF, OFX and CSV formats

All major formats are supported for export of your bank account statements to popular home accounting software packages.

Printing of Account Details

This feature allows you to view and print the details of your accounts. This service will be useful in case you want make a transfer to your account in Raiffeisenbank.

Application for Credit Card Registration and/or Mortgage Registration

The Raiffeisen Online service lets you submit an application for a credit card or a mortgage loan. One of our managers will get in touch with you shortly after receiving the application.

In order to access the system you should enable the methods of confirmation of active transactions with one-time passwords.

Payment for Services

The instant payment of cellular services, Internet services, commercial television, landlines, etc. can be performed using bank cards. No fee is charged. The list of providers is being constantly updated. If the provider you are interested in is not on the list, you can send a request by e-mail to have your ptovider registered:

Buying Shares of Raiffeisen Capital Management Company

The registration of payment orders in Russian rubles for transfer of funds for the payment of investment shares (in case of additional purchases) is a service available to Clients who have submitted an application for the multiple acquisitions of shares.

Opening of Deposits

Fixed-term deposits can be opened in Russian rubles, US dollars and euros. The following deposits can be opened through Raiffeisen Online: ‘Personal Preference’, ‘Freedom of Action’, ‘Universal’ and ‘Raiffeisen Online Money Growth!’. The following additional conditions on deposits can be indicated: prolongation (for the automatic re-execution of the agreement on the same conditions for the next term) and capitalization (in this case the deposit interest will be added to the deposit amount). Deposits can be placed for different terms (from 1 month to 2 years).

Replenishment and Partial Withdrawal of Depositsв

The following term deposits can be replenished online: ‘Personal Preference’, ‘Freedom of Action’, ‘Universal’ and ‘Raiffeisen Online Money Growth!’. You can partially withdraw money from deposits ‘Universal’ and ‘Freedom of Action’ (minimum balance included). The operations with term deposits shall not be performed on the day of opening, closing and prolongation of deposits.

Payment Orders in Russian Rubles

Registration of payment orders in Russian rubles can be made for transfer of funds from your account in Russian rubles to other accounts in Russian rubles in Raiffeisenbank and in other banks. The Bank charges fees for such operations.

Payment of Taxes to the Russian Federation

Registration of transfer orders in Russian rubles can be made for paying state taxes to the Russian Federation. In comparison with the typical ‘transfer order in Russian rubles’, additional fields to fill in are provided here. No fee is charged on tax payments to the Russian Federation.

Instant Transfer of Funds Between Bank Cards

The online transfer of funds between your Raiffeisenbank cards is possible either from debit or credit cards.

Replenishment of Debit and Credit Cards

Exchange operations and transfer of funds from your accounts in the Bank can be performed for the replenishment of your debit and credit cards. This service is similar to ‘Internal Transfer and Exchange Operations’, but it is easier to choose the necessary card’s account for the replenishment here (because you are choosing the card, not the card’s account from the list). The service is available from the Bank cards section (either debit or credit cards). No fee is charged.

Operations with Foreign Currencies within the Russian Federation

You can transfer funds from your foreign currency accounts to foreign currency accounts in other banks within the Russian Federation. The Bank charges fees for this type of operations.

Transfer of Foreign Currencies Abroad

You can transfer funds from your foreign currency accounts to foreign currency accounts in banks outside the Russian Federation. The Bank charges fees for this type of operations.

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