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Convenient and Comfortable

Wherever you are, our online banking will make access to your information and management of your personal accounts comfortable and fast!

You don’t need any special software to use our online Internet Banking System. All you need is a browser with Internet access, as well as a username and password received in a bank branch or via an ATM. Connecting to the online banking system is totally free. We offer a comfortable and modern way to confirm transactions with one-time passwords.

Raiffeisen Online banking system allows you to not only get information on your accounts and cards, but also to:

  • Pay for mobile communication services and Internet services
  • Exchange currencies at competitive rates
  • Pay for services, including housing and utilities
  • Open an account and put money in it in different currencies and for arbitrary periods of time
  • Open a special ’Raiffeisen Online money growth!’ term deposit with the best rates and the lowest minimum amount among Raiffeisenbank term deposits
  • Make tax payments / payments to the federal budget
  • Assign custom names to accounts and cards
  • Block cards
  • Enable the ’SMS Notifications’ service
  • Make transfers in rubles and foreign currency at preferential rates
  • Pay for investment units

Safe and Secure

The Raiffeisen Online banking system uses the most advanced technologies and employs international service standards. The safety of using of our Internet banking system is time-tested and is constantly improved with the development of modern technologies. In addition to reliable encryption, you get tools that enable total control of operations on the accounts and events within Raiffeisen Online via SMS and e-mail notifications.

How much?

You can begin using the Raiffeisen Online system for online access to detailed information on the accounts, cards, credits, deposits, etc. completely free of charge. No fees or commissions are charged for further use of these services.

Fees will be charged only for certain types of operations in accordance with existing tariffs.

Special rates on ruble transfers are in effect for holders of the ’Premium’ service package.

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