Investment of Funds

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Raiffeisenbank offers its clients a wide range of fixed-term deposits from which you can choose the deposits that best fit your goals and preferences.


We offer a wide range of tools for long-term savings and investment.

Thanks to the variety of mutual funds managed by OOO Raiffeisen Capital Management Company, you have the opportunity to invest in different securities and precious metals, and distribute your investments between Russian and foreign securities.

The FORWARD life insurance investment FORWARD1 is a unique financial instrument that combines the most attractive features for any investor:

  • SECURITY: 100% repayment of capital.
  • YIELD: the opportunity to participate in the growth of an underlying asset with the effect of financial leverage through derivatives.
  • TRANSPARENCY: a simple and clear formula for the calculation of investment income.
  • PROTECTION: family welfare protection during a difficult period in the care of the life of the program owner.

How the program works:

  1. You choose the investment strategy.
  2. You make an initial investment payment at the moment when you open the program.
  3. Funds are invested with the options of the largest investment bank, Credit Suisse.
  4. At the end of the program you receive the invested funds. Additional income can be paid before or at the end of the program, depending on the type of program.
  5. In the case of insurance, your family receives 100% of the amount, and at the end of the program, an additional 100% of the initial investment amount plus investment income.

1 This program is provided by Alpha Insurance — Life LLC, Bank of Russia SJ license number 3447 issued on November 17, 2015 and number SL 3447 issued on November 17, 2015

Protection of Income and Savings

As part of the integrated financial service,bank clients are provided with unique programs of financial protection combined with long-term capital accumulation: Raiffeisen Prospective, Raiffeisen Optimum and Raiffeisen Kinder, developed by OOO Raiffeisen Life Insurance Company.

The programs are aimed at generation of targeted amounts of savings for selected dates of long-term objectives: education of children, pension building, major purchases coupled with financial security for loved ones in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Additional information about the accumulation and financial protection programs are available on the OOO Raiffeisen Life Insurance Company website.

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