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Mutual funds

Mutual funds are provided by the Raiffeisen Capital Management Company.

Due to the wide range of mutual funds managed by Raiffeisen Capital Management Company, you have the opportunity to invest in different securities and precious metals, and to distribute your investments between Russian and foreign securities.

The FORWARD life insurance investment FORWARD1 is a unique financial instrument that combines the most attractive features for any investor:

  • SECURITY: 100% repayment of capital.
  • YIELD: the opportunity to participate in the growth of an underlying asset with the effect of financial leverage through derivatives.
  • TRANSPARENCY: a simple and clear formula for the calculation of investment income.
  • PROTECTION: family welfare protection during a difficult period in the care of the life of the program owner.

How the program works:

  1. You choose the investment strategy.
  2. You make an initial investment payment at the moment when you open the program.
  3. Funds are invested with the options of the largest investment bank, Credit Suisse.
  4. At the end of the program you receive the invested funds. Additional income can be paid before or at the end of the program, depending on the type of program.
  5. In the case of insurance, your family receives 100% of the amount, and at the end of the program an additional 100% of the initial investment amount plus investment income.

1 This program is provided by Alpha Insurance — Life LLC, Bank of Russia SJ license number 3447 issued on November 17, 2015 and number SL 3447 issued on November 17, 2015.

Individual asset management

Individual asset management is suitable both for customers who already have shares in mutual funds and wish to diversify their investments, and for those with no experience investing in the stock market.

The product enables you to use a wide range of financial instruments, even if you don’t have sufficient time and experience to perform asset management on your own.

Individual trust management is provided by the Raiffeisen Capital Management Company.

One of the most important of the current investment options is the development of strategies with capital protection (structured products).

These investment strategies ensure the safety of the principal at the end of the investment period regardless of the situation on the stock market, while allowing for profit to be obtained using tools tied to changes in market variables (shares, indexes).

Your personal Premium Banking manager will not only orient you to the range of Raiffeisen Capital Management Company funds and available trust management strategies, but will also form a complex investment solution within your personal financial plan, taking into account your risk profile and personal financial goals.

Detailed information about Raiffeisen Capital Management Company products is available in Russian at the following websites:


A wide range of deposits enables you to preserve and increase your savings today and provides solutions for long-term savings and investment.

Special terms of service are available Premium Banking clients.

All offers on deposits in Russian.


Brokerage service of Premium Banking of Raiffeisenbank — it is the experience of the one of the largest European banks, that you can use for making balanced investment decisions.

  • create your own portfolio of stocks, bonds, Eurobonds and ETF;
  • get trade ideas and suggestions;
  • use the analytics of one of the best teams in the market.
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