Premium Services

Raiffeisen Bank offers two premium banking service programs,
two philosophies of personal provision of financial services

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A unique program of premium banking services with an emphasis on remote channels.
  • Remote financial advisor
  • Dedicated call-center – Premium Line 24x7
  • Financial diagnostics in the Internet bank R-Connect
  • Special conditions on credit products and premium level cards

Classic premium service in the best European style, maintaining our traditionally high standards of quality.
  • Personal manager in the bank
  • Dedicated Premium Banking area in the branches
  • Financial advisory
  • Special conditions for investments, credit products and premium level cards

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Expat Premium Banking. We speak your language.

Dear Customers,
we are happy to announce the launch of our new service — Expat Premium banking.
Premium banking at Raiffeisenbank is developing and trying to be friendly to the foreign customers. For your additional comfort, Premium Banking can offer the services of staff who speak not only English, but also German or French. For your convenience we also have bilingual versions of all main products applications.
We hope that all of our new and potential customers appreciate the new service.

Best regards,
Premium Banking,
AO «Raiffeisenbank»

Dear customer, we are pleased to inform you that all your comments and suggestions regarding Premium Banking/Premium Direct you can send to

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