International business

It’s possible to develop international business easily and quickly with the help of professionals.

Build trusting relationships together with Raiffeisenbank!


  • Specialized international department with sector-focused teams.
  • Wide work experience of Raiffeisenbank managers’ team with international clients of different business sectors.
  • Tailored solutions designed to meet your company’s business objectives.
  • Personal client manager consulting on products and services in various languages — English, German, French, Polish.
  • Close partnership with the banks of Group Raiffeisen . We offer a single solution of our bank group for companies with centralized treasury — system CMI@Web. Using the service you can get the information about all accounts of group companies in any bank of the world as well as control accounts making international payments.
  • Connection of standardized service of sending messages by international network SWIFT1 provided quick and absolutely safe transfer of financial messages in main currencies from anywhere around the world.
  • Ramified network of correspondent banks and branches in the largest cities of Russia.

Our managers are ready to provide your guidance, support and expertise on the whole range of the bank’s products:

  • R-Dealer FX Operations . You can monitor changes in the market and make real-time deals!
  • Foreign Currency Control. Providing consulting services as well as performing functions of the currency control agent.
  • Corporate Cards. Possibility to issue customs cards, debit and premium corporate cards. Additional privileges on our cards are designed for you.
  • The Bank-Client System «ELBRUS Internet». Effective account management via the Internet and the best conditions of receipt and processing of payment documents. Access to all company’s accounts within 30 seconds. Decrease in mistakes and fraud risks by settings «Auditor» and «Controller». Secure confirmation of transactions by SMS-notifications.
  • Guarantees, Letters of Credit. Necessary tools of payments for import and export deals which solve several tasks —minimize legal risks related to ignorance of international legislation, to ensure you from dishonest partners as well as may be a tool for lending.
  • Lending. A wide range of lending services for international group’s subsidiaries.
  • Speed up Collect. Clients who have many counterparties whose payments require additional identification have an opportunity to manage incoming payments and to optimize sales cycle under regular bank’s control.
  • Salary Card Projects. A comprehensive solution for you and your employees. Decrease in accounting, simplification of paying salaries to employees, possibility to get cash at any time as well as participation in campaigns of international payment systems.

1 Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.

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