Brokerage and DMA services on the Moscow Exchange

Raiffeisenbank AO as the 100% subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG provides to International and Local Institutional Clients brokerage and DMA* services on all main markets of the Moscow Exchange (MOEX):

MOEX FX market (FX SPOT and FX SWAP operations up to 2 days)
  • Your access to ~60% of USDRUB liquidity worldwide**
  • ~USD 20 bln total average daily turnover**
  • SMA option available (Sponsored Market Access) — Direct access to the MOEX Trading system bypassing the Broker’s infrastructure
  • Risk Controls: Cancel On Disconnect, FAT Finger checks, Cancel On Drop-Copy disconnect

MOEX Securities market (Bonds and Equities on MOEX)
  • Main market for Russian government bonds trading (OFZ)
  • ~USD 494 bln – domestic equity market capitalization as of June 2016**
  • 300+ stocks listed**
  • Conventional trading cycles: T+1 for Govt Bonds (OFZ), T+2 for stocks
  • Option to use Euroclear as custody – Raiffeisenbank is the first DMA Broker in Russia to implement the setup of providing access to MOEX without the necessity for the Client to additionally open a custody account with any Russian custodian

Derivatives market (MOEX FORTS Market)
  • ~USD 6.45 bln Average Daily Open Interest (ADOI) in Futures as of October 2016**
  • ~USD 5.01 ADOI in Options as of October 2016**
  • TOP Liquid derivative contracts in the world***
  • Large variety of Derivative contracts (Futures and Options): FX, Stock Indices, single Stocks, Commodity, Rates – flexibility in leverage and hedging strategies

Raiffeisenbank's presentation on DMA and Brokerage services

Please consider the presentation below for more information on our Brokerage services and available technological DMA/SMA solutions:

Raiffeisenbank – DMA and Brokerage Services

Why choose Raiffeisenbank AO as your DMA broker on MOEX?

  • Solid European Franchise – assets safety
    Being 100% owned by RBI AG and as one of the TOP investment grade banks in Russia Raiffeisenbank AO guarantees to its Clients absolute safety of their assets and collateral as well as the highest service level standards
  • Access to all MOEX markets (FX, Securities, Derivatives) from any place in the world
  • 10Y+ DMA experience on the Russian market
  • High flexibility, Advanced Technology, Low Latency
    The Bank offers flexible and adaptive options of technological and operational set-up as well as connectivity solutions suitable for all types of Clients including HFTs
  • User-friendly FO applications
    High level of flexibility in order acceptance technology: MOEX Client Terminal, Bloomberg, Quik Terminal, FIX/API connection to Client’s FO system, Voice care orders
  • Smooth settlements
    Direct funding and assets segregation options coupled with a variety of conventional banking services simplify settlements and make it possible to adjust to special Clients needs
  • Brokerage and Custody under one roof
    Less operational risks and settlement delays for Clients are allowed through absolute synergy of brokerage and a full range of custody and funds administration services including account operator/trustee of the Clients custody account in the Russian CSD/other custodians including Euroclear
  • Transparent and flexible reporting
  • Agile onboarding and KYC processes

* By DMA Raiffeisenbank AO means low touch execution services.

** According to MOEX data.

*** According to Futures Industry Association 2015 Annual Volume Survey.

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