A Specialized Depository

Please be advised that new version of Custody Operating Standards comes into force staring from 15 January 2016.

Raiffeisen bank has launched a specialized depositary for investment funds, mutual investment funds and private pension funds in accordance with the authority of the license No. 22-000-1-00053 issued by the Federal Commission for the Securities Market on September 26, 2003.

The infrastructure designed by the Bank to serve mutual investment funds, provides management companies with additional options in addition to the traditional services of a specialized depository.

Additional services of Raiffeisen bank:

  • Maintaining the register of holders of investment units
  • Settlement bank
  • Brokerage services
  • Depository, including related depository services, associated with corporate actions, voting at meetings of shareholders, receipt of revenues, including the form of securities and implementation of tax benefits

In the standard interaction pattern, when all of the above mentioned services are provided to a management company by different entities, linked by the management company itself, uncoordinated information flows usually occur.

The coordination of document circulation management being performed by the management company itself is distracting it from the implementation of its core tasks — attracting funds from investors, their placement and maximizing the effectiveness of investment management. Moreover, additional costs may also occur, becoming a burden on investors.

Benefits of the bank’s specialized depository

  • Advanced banking and information technology for administrative support of mutual investment funds
  • Effective coordination of information flows
  • Reporting to fund investors
  • Minimizing the costs in the administration of the activities of mutual investment funds
  • Very flexible rates, that will significantly reduce the costs, paid from the assets of mutual investment funds

Contact information

On all questions relating to the organization of specialized depository services, please contact the Depository Services Department.

Evgenia Klimova
Phone: +7 495 721-99-00, ext. 5560
Fax +7 495 721-99-01

Vera Efremova
Phone: +7 495 721-99-00, ext. 5237

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