Standing Orders

AO Raiffeisenbank offers the service «Standing order» to Clients — regular funds transfer request in Russian rubles from Clients current accounts in the Bank.

Standing orders can be made both inside the Bank to own accounts or third parties' accounts and to own accounts or third parties' accounts in the other bank.

How to connect to Standing order?

The Client has an option to choose a way of fixing transfer amount:

  • fixed amount;
  • % from balance on the account (including minimum and/or maximum transfer amount);
  • % from inpayments to the account;
  • exceeded balance which fixed at the account of payer or beneficiary.

Also the Client has an option to set a periodic formation of standing order:

  • daily;
  • weekly;
  • monthly;
  • exact day (one or several);
  • last working day of the month.

You can determine the priority for each payment order independently when applying for several standing orders.

For the service connection you need to apply to the Bank to your manager, to set options of standing orders formation and conclude the additional amendment to the bank account agreement.

Advantages of Standing Orders:

  • Fast and convenient way of funds transfer from the current bank account of payer to the account of beneficiary in AO Raiffeisenbank or other bank.
  • Different options of Standing Orders by your demands.

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