Opening and Maintenance of Current Accounts

AO Raiffeisenbank opens and maintains accounts in Russian rubles and foreign currency.

Every minute is important in the business. We realise it and value your time. Thats why we place all documents you need for opening the account on the same page — Documents.

The Bank conducts transactions quickly on your behalf by accounts in Russian rubles and main foreign currencies:

  • funds transfer at any banks all around the world;
  • conversion operations;
  • withdrawal or contribution of cash.
Opening of nominal account

AO Raiffeisenbank provides services in opening nominal account.

Bank account is opened in the name of «Account Holder» for making transactions with funds which belong to another company «Beneficiary».

Advantages for «Beneficiary»:

  • Account mode gives an opportunity to control outgoing payments of «Account Holder» (representative, agent, dealer, broker) according to the legislation.
  • The banks obligation to control use of funds by «Account Holder» is exclusively done for the benefit of «Beneficiary».
  • The bank provides to «Beneficiary» information about expenditure of funds by «Account Holder» in the form of account statement.

Opening of special accounts of payment agents/banks payment agents/providers

AO Raiffeisenbank provides services in opening banks special accounts:

  • payment agent;
  • banks payment agent;
  • provider.

Opening of Special Account allows clients to do activity under 103-Federal law «Concerning Activities Carried Out by Payment Agents Involving the Acceptance of Payments from Physical Persons» dated 03.06.2009.

Types of notifications for the Clients

The list of notifications processed within 3 (three) banking days from the date of getting the request:

  • Notification on account(s) existence.
  • Notification on account(s) turnover.
  • Notification on absence/existence of salary payment from the account.
  • Notification on account(s) balance at the end of the operational day.
  • Notification on placed deposits (including absence/existence of deposits) (for the period no more than 1 year from the date of getting a request on the notification).
  • Notification on absence/existence of bank file of unpaid settlement documents.
  • Notification on absence/existence of account(s) restrictions.
  • Notification on absence/existence of bank file of unpaid settlement documents and of account(s) restrictions.
  • Notification on fact and amount of charter capital credit to the account.
  • Notification on the list of authorized persons who have access to the Bank-Client System.
  • Notification on interest charged on balances account.
  • Notification on conversion rate while payment execution.

The list of notifications processed within 5 (five) banking days from the date of getting the request*:

  • Notification on daily average account(s) balance.
  • Notification on interest charged on account (rate).
  • Notification on retained tax amounts due to transfer to the budget from interests charged on account(s) balance.
  • Notification on commissions of account maintenance.
  • Notification on absence/existence of limits of authorized signatories for account payments.
  • Other notifications on account maintenance according to the agreed form.

In case of getting information on several items of notifications in one notification, tariff rates of these items will be summarized.

* At the same time the Bank reserves the right to increase dates of requests execution.

Advantages of Account Opening in AO Raiffeisenbank:

  • The Bank is based on the best standards of world practice in the banking area and finance that provide continuous fulfilment of obligations to our Clients.
  • A flexible tariff policy related to specificity of your business.
  • A possibility to book a number of account.
  • Payment orders for conducting transactions are taken in a hard copy or by the Bank-Client system ELBRUS Internet.
  • Convenient cut-of-time for payments and currency control documents execution on the same banking day.
  • A wide range of branches allows to improve efficiency of Clients payments.
  • A possibility to open unlimited amount of accounts without additional fee.

An account availability allows to use a wide range of Banks products for your business.

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