R-Dealer FX Operations

The R-Dealer system is a remote electronic trading platform for execution of realtime conversion deals with the bank with terms of settlement of up to 3 working days.

By using the R-Dealer system you can:

  • Get the best conversion rates for any currency pair
  • Follow the market trends and make real-time transactions
  • Deposit the purchased foreign currencies or rubles earned from sale transactions to an account opened with another bank without additional fees.

Advantages of the R-Dealer System

1. Benefits:

  • No commission for conversion
  • No additional fees for the use of the system
  • An option to request individual quotes from a bank trader for amounts exceeding the thresholds set in the system

2. Convenience:

  • The representative of the client enters into transactions independently, without participation of a bank officer
  • Transactions are carried out in real time
  • Ability to use the system without opening an account
  • The system has an intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Availability of all necessary information on transactions before entering into them — amounts of purchased and sold currencies, exchange rates, value dates, debiting and crediting accounts
  • Ability to enter into transactions in the system from 10 AM to 5 PM Moscow time
  • No need to send additional confirmations of transactions to the bank
  • Working in the system does not require any specialized software

3. Security:

  • The system has a mechanism for user authentification via SSL client certificate that provides the required level of information security.

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