Hedging and Structured Products

AO Raiffeisenbank is a major participant of Russian and international foreign currency market. Professional, experienced and coordinated team offers both standard products and individual approach towards risk hedging. With the help of over-the-counter (OTC) transactions you can efficiently insure your currency, interest and price risks regarding certain types of goods.

Hedging will help to reduce or completely neutralize the risks. Exclusion of necessity to forecast changes in exchange and interest rates will allow to plan efficiently the company’s primary activity and financial results, set prices for products, schedule payment timetable, as well as receive additional advantages. This is particularly true for enterprises participating in foreign economic activity who consider it important to insure possible risks in conditions of high volatility.

It is possible to protect a company from serious losses only upon pre-assessment of existing risks and preparation of a hedging program for the more substantial of them.

Currency risks hedging

Interest rates risk hedging

Currency exchange transactions for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Advantages of Raiffeisenbank’s products for corporate businesses

  • Individual approach to each client
  • Personal managers
  • Flexible service conditions
  • A large number of additional products from the bank’s subsidiaries:
    • Leasing;
    • Pension programs;
    • Asset management;
    • Insurance.

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