Pooling Products

Pooling is a complex solution of cash flow management. Pooling centralizes and improves efficiency of holding company’s finance management. Structuring of corporate finance, management of account balances and management of interest rates are the main tasks of pooling products.

Pooling products with physical movement of funds:

  • Cash sweeping is a tool that accumulates credit balances from all accounts of the pool participants in AO Raiffeisenbank to the master account.
  • Zero balancing is a tool which transfers all credit balances from the accounts of the members of the pool to the master account on a daily basis. Emerging intraday cash gaps on the pool accounts are covered from the master account within the aggregate liquidity of the pool.

Pooling products with no physical movement of funds:

  • Notional cash pooling is a tool that allows to optimize interest income / expenses of the corporate group with the bank without physical movement of funds. Account balances are accumulated on the calculation account and subsequent calculations are based on netting debit and credit balances which optimizes the interest result of the corporate group.

You can get intraday and bulk account statements by using reports and additional features.

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