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Debit Corporate Card is the perfect tool for organizing and controlling travel and entertainment costs of the corporate clients’ employees!

With comfort and privileges in business trips.
Minimal fee for conversion, free cash withdrawal abroad, a Priority Pass Card.
Card is issued to one special company bank account in Russian rubles.
Discounts and special offers from our partners as part of the «Discounts for you!» program.

Replacement and supplement of cash collection/

Possibility of cash withdrawal without a pre-order (only in Russian rubles) and issuing a cheque book.
Possibility to accumulate points at each non-cash payment (1 point = 100 rubles).
Issue of unlimited number of cards.

A convenient tool for payment of all types of customs duties at the customs post, personal account and e-declaration system.

Issued for authorised company representatives to special account used for customs cards payments.

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