Salary Card Projects

Salary card project with AO 'Raiffeisenbank' is an issuance of bank cards to everyone in your company, which allow your employees to access their salaries.

Raiffeisenbank salary projects include:

  • Automated payment of salaries
  • Saving time and money for your company
  • Transfer of the whole salary amount to the bank with one payment
  • Confidentiality of payments for each employee
  • Free issuance of the ‘Optimal’ package for every employee
  • Integrated servicing in the Bank, including special offers on products and services for individual company employees, including ‘Gold’ and ‘Premium’ service packages with free servicing, favorable terms of crediting, servicing of corporate cards and more.

Benefits of Raiffeisenbank salary projects

  • You work with your personal salary project manager
  • Launch the project in a short time with minimal requirements from your company
  • Our own processing center and collection service for ATMs
  • Use of e-banking systems
  • An option to install an ATM at your company’s premises
  • Individual approach to fees on salary projects

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