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CK Raiffeisen Life operates on the basis of insurance license С No. 417977 issued by the Federal Insurance Supervision Service on 3 July 2009, as amended on 1 February 2010, 9 July 2010, and 23 August 2012.

Since 1 October 2009, CK Raiffeisen Life has offered a wide range of services in the field of life insurance.

The company is entitled to offer the following types of insurance:

  • life insurance, endowment insurance, matured endowment or other event occurrence;
  • retirement insurance;
  • annuity life insurance and (or) life insurance with participation of the insured in insurer’s investment income;
  • accident and illness insurance;
  • voluntary medical insurance.

Austrian insurance group UNIQA holds a 75% stake in CK Raiffeisen Life, while AO Raiffeisenbank holds a 25% stake. The Company’s authorized capital is RUB 240 million.

As of the end of 2012, the Company protected the financial interests of more than 168,000 people. CK Raiffeisen Life aims to meet customer needs in life insurance to the fullest extent, and continues to improve its services.

According to official data from the Federal Insurance Supervision Service, in 2012 CK Raiffeisen Life was rated tenth among companies offering life insurance. The Company hopes that it will be able to further demonstrate stable and high sales growth, and is therefore constantly developing its product range and offering cutting edge and just-in-time solutions in the life insurance segment.

Over short period of its operation, CK Raiffeisen Life has achieved significant results and become one of the market leaders due to the effective synergy of two brands and two companies’ experience. The partnership model proved its efficiency in Austria and the 13 markets of the CEE region. Now this experience and the best solutions related to products and customer service have been transferred to Russia.

CK Raiffeisen Life is a member of Association of Life Insurers and All-Russian Insurance Association.

In 2013, the Expert RA rating agency assigned CK Raiffeisen Life a rating of А++ for reliability with an «Extremely high reliability level», Outlook Stable. This means that it is highly probable that in the medium term the rating will remain at the same level.

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