OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing

OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing is a universal leasing company that is part of the largest Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank Group. In 2000, OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing was established by ZAO Raiffeisenbank (50%) and Raiffeisen-Leasing International GmbH (50%).

OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing activities focus on helping clients and partners develop their businesses, offering leasing services that meet the highest professional and ethical standards. The company serves clients in a wide variety of sectors, with the principal types of leases including:

OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing clients include mid-size and major Russian and international companies. We build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients by pursuing a personalised approach and providing the highest level of service.

At the end of 2014, new business totalled RUR 4.6 billion, leasing portfolio — RUR 16.7 billion.

As of today, OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing

  • is Russia’s leading leasing company
  • is a No. 2 universal foreign capital leasing company based on its portfolio
  • is one of the Top 25 major companies in the leasing industry
  • has an extensive branch network and a unique, highly-skilled team
  • works with businesses from various industries
  • aspires to further rapid development.

The company’s main directions for growth in the years to come include maintenance of existing client’s database and quality of the leasing portfolio, as well as development of new leasing products consistent with market requirements.

OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing cooperates with partners and clients by continuously improving the quality of its services, as is customary in Raiffeisen Bank Group worldwide.

Moscow (Headquarters)

tel.: +7 495 721-99-80
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St. Petersburg

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