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Raiffeisenbank’s Private Loan Portfolio Over USD 200 mln.

1 June, 2004 Raiffeisenbank''s Private LoanPortfolio exceeded USD 200 mln. Raiffeisenbank entered the retailbanking market in 1999. In 2000 already, the Bank launched itsmortgage and car lending programmes. Ever since with branchesopening and market developing Raiffeisenbank is adapting andadjusting the products to the needs of general public on a regularbasis.

In 2001 Raiffeisenbank thoroughly reviewed itscar lending programme.The Banksubstantially increased the number of partners for its programme:dealerships and insurance companies. As of now the Bank cooperateswith more than 150 dealerships and 9 insurance companies in Moscowand Saint Petersburg. In April the Bank also announced a programmefor car loans on secondary market available for purchase inofficial dealers'' offices.

In 2002 Raiffeisenbank reviewed and almostrelaunched itsmortgage lendingprogramme, considerably expanding the number ofpartners for the programme in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The Bankwas the first to announce the breakthough"floating" rate(LIBOR+8%) in mortgage lending, which was the lowest and best onthe market at that moment.

In 2003 for a more extensive and active presenceon the mortgage market Raiffeisenbank announced openingmortgage-dedicated branches equipped with cash vaults with numerousdeposit safeboxes and space facilities for conducting mortgagedeals. At present Raiffeisenbank already opened 3 mortgagebranches-"Polyanka","Soukharevskoye","Smolenskoye".

In 2003 the Bank started crediting propertyunder construction and cottages (the lowest rate for cottage loansbeing less than 10 per cent).

Raiffeisenbank''s escalating success was alsosupported by International Financial Corporation. In May 2003 theBank received a USD 80 mln 10-year facility from IFC for mortgagelending programme development.

In January 2003 Bank launched itsunsecured consumer lending programme, andat present unsecured loan portfolio is well over USD 30mln.

Since 2003 the Bank has been offeringcredit cardsto the public.

Raiffeisenbank on a regular basis introducessubstantial changes to all credit programmes to primarilyfacilitate the application and disbursement procedures. The majoradvantages of all loan programmes are transparent and clearstructure of procedures and processes and favourable rates andterms. The Bank does take care to negotiate attractive terms anddiscounts for any programme involving another party (a real estateagency, insurance company, dealership office etc.).

At present Raiffeisenbank disposes of 9 branches inMoscow, a branch in Saint Petersburg, an affiliate company"Raiffeisen Leasing", Non-State Pension Fund"Raiffeisen", Asset Management Company"RaiffeisenCapital". Two regional cities have been announced as the nextcoming regional branches of the Bank: Ekaterinburg, NizhniyNovgorod.

Based on 2003 results Raiffeisenbank ranks 12thin terms of assets and 5th among the largest banks in Russia interms of profitability (RA Interfax). Raiffeisenbank ranks4th among major Russian banks in terms of consumer lending and 7thamong largest Russian banks in terms of private deposits(Expertmagazine).


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