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Raiffeisenbank offers American Express travelers cheques withoutcommission on purchase

ZAO"Raiffeisenbank Austria" announcesa special campaign to sell American Express travelers chequeswithout any commission.

From July 1st, 2004 to June 30th, 2005,Raiffeisenbank will not charge any commission to the purchaser forAmerican Express travelers cheques and American Express savingscheques.

Raiffeisenbank Austria offers American Expresstravelers cheques denominated in US dollars and euro. You canpurchase travelers cheques at the Bank''s cash desks andexchange offices.

Customers having a current account in US dollars or euro withRaiffeisenbank can pay for travelers cheques directly from thecurrent account.

Nowadays American Express travelers cheques areused as the most convenient way to carry a large amount of moneywhen traveling abroad. Cheques'' reimbursement is guaranteed byAmerican Express Company. American Express Company, founded in1850, issues and refunds travelers cheques since 1891.


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