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Raiffeisenbank Opens Regional Branch «Uralski» in Ekaterinburg.

Raiffeisenbank Austria, ZAO announced opening of its second regionalbranchUralski in the city of Ekaterinburg.

The opening ceremony was held 16th March in the Banks premises in Antey business-center under the auspices of His Excellence Austrain Ambassador in Russia, Martin Vukovich, who honoured Raiffeisenbank with an opening speech and red ribbon cutting.

The official press-conference dedicated to the opening took place on the17th of March and was opened by Mr. Koksharov, Minister forInternational and External Affairs of Sverdlovskaya Region.

Michel Perhirin, Chairman of the Managing Board of Raiffeisenbank,stated at the press-conference:In the year 2003 the Bank took the strategic decision to go to the regions: Ekaterinburg was among the first regions we considered as this is a city with an already shaped demand for banking services. Beginning 2004 took place the initial meeting with Sverdlovskaya Region Governor Mr. Rossel who was quite supportive of the branchs opening. During 2004 we were in the process of finding suitable premises, staff search and taking care of final operational testings , etc.

Raiffeisenbank establishedUralski branch greenfield, the approach Bank favoured so far in establishing regional branches. As every branch Uralski offers the complete range of services to both corporate and individual clients, furthermore the Bank possesses the necessary experience of implementing and adapting banking products to the needs of the Russian companies and household on the regional level.

The Banks regional branch will also offer services of all Raiffeisen structures in Russia: Raiffeisen-Leasing, Non-State Pension Fund Raiffeisen, OOO Raiffeisen Capital Asset Management Company.

On the corporate side Raiffeisenbank is already successfully cooperatingwith a number of regional enterprises and intends to expand cooperationwith corporate clients including medium-sized companies, offering a fullrange of corporate financial services.

Retail products offered comprise the full scale of loan productsincluding mortgage, car and unsecured loans.

Mortgage programme isone of the key products of Raiffeisenbank and it is the Banks intention to support the local community with good product for financing purchase of apartments. The strong position for this product on the other markets has proven that it is truly mass and available.

Further retailbanking products include deposit and current accounts, all types of bankcards, as well as safe boxes, travel cheques, investment products andInternet-banking services. The Bank has already started building up ATMsnetwork in the city and concluded agreements with Toyota dealer-centersfor joint car loan programmes. Small and micro business lending programis in the pipeline.

Ekaterinburg banking community shall also certainly benefit from theBanks implementing of new financial technologies and introducing brand-new products to the regional market such as other banks` loan portfolio acquisition, which can be illustrated by the Raiffeisenbanks recent purchase of Gorodskoy Ipotechniy Bank (GIB) mortgage loan portfolio.

Raiffeisenbank Austria, ZAO has operated in Russia since 1996, offeringa wide range of services to companies and retail clients. The Bankdisposes of 11 branches in Moscow, and regional branches in SaintPetersburg and Ekaterinburg. Raiffeisenbank is one of the largestRussian banks: ranked 11th in terms of net assets among Top Russianbanks and 11th in terms of profitability (CEA Interfax) and 11th interms of corporate lending. On the retail side Raiffeisenbank is 4thamong largest banks in terms of consumer lending and 7th in privatedeposits based on 2004 results (CEA Interfax). Moody''s Interfax RatingAgency has assigned the long-term national scale credit rating toRaiffeisenbank Austria at Aaa (rus) and the short-term rating at RUS-1,both ratings are the best ones in their respective categories and werenever before assigned to any Russian legal entity.

Raiffeisenbank Austria, ZAO is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen InternationalBank-Holding AG (Raiffeisen International). Raiffeisen International isa fully consolidated subsidiary of RZB and a member of the RZB Group,minority interest is held by International Finance Corporation (IFC) andthe European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). RaiffeisenInternational is the holding company for Raiffeisen Group most importantsubsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). RZB-Austria is thecentral institution of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group, thecountry''s most powerful banking group.


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