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Raiffeisenbank Selected as  «Best Overseas Bank» and «Best Syndicated Loans Arranger» in Russia.

Raiffeisenbank Austria, ZAO was selected as"Best Overseas Bank" andBest Syndicated Loans Arranger in Russia by Global Finance magazine. Global Finance published the rankings in the April issue. With input from end users, analysts, corporate reports and other expert sources Global Finance selected the best banks on a variety of criteria both objective and subjective. The rankings issued were based on factors like market leadership, innovation, commitment to markets and evidence of long-term strategy.

The Russian banking sector continued to show resilience and the ability to innovate and adapt, says Joseph D. Giarraputo, editor and publisher of Global Finance. Thats recognized in our awards for which there were strong competitors in every category. Russias banks show every sign of being able to mature and meet coming challenges in financing the countrys companies, consumers and savers.

Raiffeisenbank retains leading positions not only among foreign banksactive in Russia but already boasts of results comparable to those ofRussian banks. The Bank is ranked 11th in terms of both assets (morethan a half of assets is represented by loans to corporates) andprofitability. On corporate side the Bank is again 11th the largestRussian banks in terms of loans to corporate sector. In retail segmentRaiffeisenbank occupies the 4th line in terms of private lending and the7th position in individual deposits according to CEA Interfax as of 2004year-end.

Raiffeisenbank is one of the leaders of Russia''s rapidly growingsyndicated lending market. During 2003-2004 the Bank acted as anarranger of a number of syndicated loans to Russian borrowers in thesphere of retail, energy sector, metallurgy, commercial real estate,communication and banking totaling to over USD 1.4 bln. Raiffeisenbank,acting as a syndicated loan arranger, provides customers with the mostoptimal deal structure, ensuring the required volume of financing oncompetitive terms and conditions.

Global Finance magazine has more than 250,000 readers in about 160countries, including chairmen, presidents, CEOs, CFOs, treasurers andother financial officers responsible for making investments andstrategic business decisions for large global companies and financialinstitutions. Global Finance targets most of the 8,000 key portfolioinvestors who control over 80 per cent of all assets under professionalmanagement.

Raiffeisenbank Austria, ZAO is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen InternationalBank-Holding AG (Raiffeisen International). Raiffeisen International isa fully consolidated subsidiary of RZB and a member of the RZB Group,minority interest is held by International Finance Corporation (IFC) andthe European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). RaiffeisenInternational is the holding company for Raiffeisen Group most importantsubsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). RZB-Austria is thecentral institution of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group, thecountry''s most powerful banking group.

Raiffeisenbank Austria, ZAO is a universal bank with operations equallyfocused on commercial, retail and investment banking activities. It hasoperated in Russia since 1996 offering a wide range of services tocompanies and private clients. Moody''s Interfax Rating Agency hasassigned the long-term national scale credit rating to RaiffeisenbankAustria, ZAO at Aaa (rus) and the short-term rating at RUS-1. Moody''sInvestors Service also assigned the following ratings to the Bank: DFinancial Strength Rating (FSR), Ba1 long-term and NP short-term foreigncurrency deposit ratings.


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