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Retail Boost in Russia for Raiffeisenbank

Retail deposits exceed USD 1 billion for the first time. More than250,000 payment cards issued. New credit card product to be launched byyear-end. Extensive branch development planned. Best possible Ratingfrom Moodys in Russia.

ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria, Moscow, the Russian subsidiary of RaiffeisenInternational, had attracted a total of more than USD 1 billion inretail deposits by the end of the third quarter 2005. This reflects anincrease of 74 per cent compared to the year-end figures for 2004 of USD576 million. The majority of deposits were made in the Moscow-basedbranches of Raiffeisenbank. According to CEA Interfax Raiffeisenbankranks 8th in terms of private deposits in Russia.

Russia is the largest market in our universe. The rapidly growing deposits display the high level of trust and confidence our clients have in us. This is also a result of the superior customers service quality which we are offering to our clients, noted Aris Bogdaneris, Member of the Managing Board of Raiffeisen International responsible for Retail Banking.

One of the main reasons for the high level of confidence of customersdepositing money with Raiffeisenbank is its high reliability verified byMoodys Investors Services. Moodys has just upgraded the assigned rating of Raiffeisenbank for long- and short-term foreign currency deposits from Ba1/Not Prime to Baa2/Prime-2. This is the best possible rating for a private company in Russia as it is constrained by Russiascountry ceiling which is Baa2 as well.

Number of Payment Cards issued by Raiffeisenbank exceeds 250,000.

At the end of the third quarter 2005 the number of payment cards, issuedby Raiffeisenbank, exceeded 250,000. Raiffeisenbank is a principalmember of VISA International and MasterCard International and issues allmajor types of bank cards for these payment systems for RUB, USD and EURaccounts including cards with credit limit.

The cards business in Russia is growing rapidly. The positive effect is two-fold as it is paving the way towards a more secure cashless payment culture and it is also a valuable fee generator. Moreover we plan to launch a new credit card product by year-end, Aris Bogdaneris explained.

Raiffeisenbank''s clientele demonstrates active usage of payment cards inshops and restaurants. The corresponding turnover accounts for 10 percent of Visa International''s total turnover in Russia. Raiffeisenbankcards transactions turnover amounts to USD 160 million per month.According to VISA International statistics, Raiffeisenbank is Number 2in Russia in terms of retail sales volume.

In order to further improve services to its customers, Raiffeisenbanksteadily increases the number of its ATM network, now totalling 300machines. Many of them offer Euro withdrawals and are equipped with acash deposit function. Raiffeisenbank ATMs also enable the clients tomake mobile phone payments andNTV+ monthly payments using Raiffeisenbank VISA and MasterCard cards payments are processed in real time mode.

23 new branches to be opened in the next 12 months

Within the next 12 months Raiffeisenbank intends to open 23 new branchesin Moscow and in provincial towns in Russia, increasing the total numberof branches up to 40. These openings are part of an extensive branchdevelopment programme to utilize the retail banking market potential inRussia.There is still a huge potential for banking services in Russia. We intend to reap this potential by spreading out in Moscow and the provinces, Aris Bogdaneris stated.

Raiffeisenbank currently has 13 branches in Moscow and two branches inSaint Petersburg as well as regional branches in Ekaterinburg andSamara. Branch openings are planned among others in Nizhnij Novgorod,Krasnoyarsk, Perm and Chelyabinsk.

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ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen InternationalBank-Holding AG (Raiffeisen International). As a universal bank itsoperations are equally focused on commercial, retail and investmentbanking activities. It has been operating in Russia since 1996 offeringa wide range of services to companies and private clients.Raiffeisenbank is ranked 10th in terms of assets among Top Russian banksbased on H1 2005 results and 4th in terms of consumer lending (CEAInterfax). The Bank was ranked 3rd in terms of mortgage lending based onH1 2005 results (RBC.Rating) and 1st in terms of car loans based on 2004results (

Raiffeisen International is in charge of steering the subsidiaries ofRaiffeisen Zentralbank ?sterreich AG (RZB) in Central and Eastern Europe(CEE). Its shares are traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange. RZB owns 70per cent. The balance is free-float, including shareholdings of theInternational Finance Corporation (IFC) and the European Bank forReconstruction and Development (EBRD) of about three per cent each.Raiffeisen International operates the leading banking network in CEEwith 16 subsidiary banks and numerous leasing companies in 16 markets.9.2 million customers are served via 2,400 business outlets. In eightmarkets, the respective Network Bank ranks among the three largest localbanks.

Raiffeisen International''s balance-sheet total amounted to 32.9 billion at the end of June 2005, which was 14 per cent more than at year-end 2004. Pre-tax profit for the first semester was 273.3 million, 58 per cent more than for the same period of the previous year.

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