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Global Finance names «The World’s Best Internet Banks»  — RZB Group wins 22 awards.

Best Internet Bank 2005RZB Group awarded eightfold asBest Consumer Internet Bank for different markets. Moreover, RZB Group provides inter alia Best consumer Web Design in Europe, Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank in Austria as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro.RZB additionally Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank in Europe as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.

This years Worlds Best Internet Awards, assigned by the US-magazine Global Finance, were given to Raiffeisen in 20 categories, which makes Raiffeisen by far the most successful bank within this international competition.

The winners were selected by a high-calibre jury, which consisted ofinternational banking experts of the Tata Infotech Group and editorsfrom the Global Finance. The RZB Group resp. the Austrian RaiffeisenBanking Group dominated the category Best Consumer Internet Bank notonly in Austria but also in seven more countries. For the fifthconsecutive year, Raiffeisen Zentralbank ?sterreich AG (RZB) was chosentheBest Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank in Austria.

The prize-winners were selected based on the following criteria:Strength and consistency of their internet strategy, increase of theonline customer base, product range, positive evidence for advantagesfrom internet activities such as web design and functionality ofweb-sites. The winners for the categories (e.g.Best Online Cash Management) were selected by considering the relative strength and success of their web products and services. Yesterday, the winners of the awards were announced at a ceremony in New York.

RZB Leading International Banking Group in Austria and CEE

The consequent and future-oriented exploration of the multiplepossibilities of internet is one of the core strategies of the RZB-Groupand the Raiffeisen Banking Group.Raiffeisen is clear market-leader in internet banking in Austria and despite of a high base level achieves further impressive growth rates, said Walter Rothensteiner, Chairman of the Managing Board of RZB. This claim has been transferred to Central and Eastern Europe. These Awards underline the high quality of our internet services and we are proud that this was approved by an independent jury.

The latest results of the Austrian Internet Monitor (AIM) are a furtherproof of the sustained success of the Raiffeisen internet strategy. TheAustrian Raiffeisen Banking Group reaches a market share of 40 per centwith 680.000 customers in Austria. In 2004, the online transactionvolume reached approx. EUR 7.5 billion while the number of pageimpressions from the information offerings of the Austrian RaiffeisenBanking Group reached 120 million.

Broad Product Range, Secure and Customer-friendly

The RZB and the Raiffeisen Banking Group are on the basis of its ampleproduct range the leading bank in internet banking. The offerings reachfrom Electronic Banking, regional markets, cash management tools,e-Custodity Platforms to capital market research tools. In addition tothis on-stop-shop-concept the RZB has the first mover advantage, as theRZB introduced these products on the Austrian as well as on the Centraland East European markets. Of highest interest for Rothensteiner are theattributes security and usability.As I am a regular user of the Raiffeisen internet services I do have a good overview on these products. And I see with satisfaction, that our colleagues from the internet services reach the same high standards as the staff from the classical banking business.

Global Finance: Price Winners Offer World-Class Performance

The Banks constantly improve and extend the internet offers for private and for company customers, says Global Finance Publisher Joseph D. Giarraputo: The high grade of development and the usability will set high benchmarks for future competitors

Complete List of Awards won by RZB-Group:


Best Consumer Internet Bank

Austria RZB/Raiffeisen Banking Group

Bulgaria Raiffeisen Bank

Hungary Raiffeisen Bank

Russia ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria

Slovakia Tatra banka

Slovenia Raiffeisen Krekova banka

Ukraine Raiffeisenbank Ukraine

Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks

Austria RZB

Bosnia and Herzegovina Raiffeisen Bank

Croatia Raiffeisenbank Austria

Serbia and Montenegro Raiffeisenbank


Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank


Best Web Site Design RZB Group/ Banking Group

Best Integrated Consumer Bank Site RZB Group/ Banking Group


Best Online Securities Research RZB Group/Raiffeisen Research/Raiffeisen Centrobank

Best Web Site Design RZB

Best Integrated Corporate/Institutional Bank Site RZB

REGIONAL AWARDS Central and Eastern Europe

Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank


Best Web Site Design Raiffeisen Bank EAD, Bulgaria


Best Online Cash Management Raiffeisenbank a.d., Belgrade

Best Web Site Design Raiffeisenbank a.d. , Belgrade

Best Integrated Corporate/Institutional Bank Site Raiffeisenbank a.d., Belgarde

Global Finance has offices in New York and London and 50.000 subscribersand more than 250.000 Readers in approximately 160 countries. Readersare mainly decision makers in global companies or finanzialinstitutions. Global Finance moreover reaches most of the 8.000key portfolio investors, who controle more than 80 per cent of all assets under professional management.

Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG (RZB) is the central institutionof the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group, the country''s most powerfulbanking group. It is a leading corporate and investment bank in Austriaand also considers Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as its home market.Via listed subsidiary Raiffeisen International Bank Holding AG(Raiffeisen International), it operates the leading banking network inCEE with 16 subsidiary banks and numerous finance leasing companies in16 markets. 9.2 million customers are served via 2,400 business outlets.

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