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The new version of Raiffeisen CONNECT system has been put into operation.

ZAORaiffeisenbank Austria launched new version of Raiffeisen CONNECT, its internet banking system. The main changes include:

- new informational service for credit cards;

- additional authorization code to increase protection from unauthorizedaccess;

- statements are available for the period of one year (the informationabout loans and deposits is available for all the term);

- possible review of history of Raiiffeisen CONNECT exchange rates.

Now all the clients, who use credit cards, can receive in RaiffeisenCONNECT system information about available credit limit, total amountoutstanding, grace period outstanding, and amount of minimum payment andterms of repayment, debit and credit transactions. Also you can getinformation about interest, past due and credit card overlimit. Theinformation is available on theCredit Cards bookmark in Statement by Period Section.

To increase protection from unauthorized access to data by automatedtrying login and password the additional authorization code wasimplemented. Now the authorization code is changing with every newentrance. To access the system it is necessary to introduce login,password and to input the authorization code, placed as an image below.


- The client can click the links to the information about bankingproducts (deposits, credit cards) which he does not have in the bank atthe moment.

- The information for card holders is divided into two bookmarks:Debit Bank cards and Credit cards in accordance to the type of product.

- The application for card blocking is available now fromDebit Bank Cards and Credit Cards sections.

- The possibility to choose a number of displayable operations inmini-statements of accounts and cards.

- The option to sort by columns in all types of statements.

To receive further information please apply toSupport - Questions and answers section of Raiffeisen Connect system.


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