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The National Rating Agency assigned individual rating to LLC» ManagementCompany «Raiffeisen Capital» .

The National Rating Agency has announced an assignment of individualrating"" high credibility level, third level, stable outlook - to LLC"Management Company"Raiffeisen Capital".

LLC"Management Company"Raiffeisen Capital" was established in 2003 andis a subsidiary of ZAORaiffeisenbank Austria.

"Raiffeisen Capital" equally develops the business areas such as:collective investments, individual trust management of private andcorporate customers assets, institutional customers assets management.

The Company manages three open unit investment funds, assets of threenon-state pension funds, as well as assets of several insurancecompanies.

The Rules of the three unit investment funds, governed by ManagementCompany"Raiffeisen Capital" were registered in August 2004. Investmentstrategies of the funds represent three standard flows:Raiffeisen-Equities fund portfolio consists of cash assets and fundamentally attractive shares of the Russian issuers, Raiffeisen-Bonds fund portfolio comprises cash assets and bonds of the Russian issuers, primarily corporate ones, Raiffeisen-Balanced fund portfolio includes shares, bonds and cash assets.

Management Company"Raiffeisen Capital" actively uses Raiffeisenbankcapacities for extension of the customer base in the individual trustmanagement. Currently the trust management agreements are conducted,besides private investors, with a number of large corporate customers,such as Non-State Pension FundRaiffeisen, Non-State Pension Fund Uchastie, Insurance Company RESO Garantia, Insurance Company Rosgosstrah, Insurance Company Progress Garant and others.

LLC"Management Company"Raiffeisen Capital" was established in 2003 andis a subsidiary of ZAORaiffeisenbank Austria. The Company was set up for asset management in the Russian market. The charter capital of the Company is RUR 90 million. LLC"Management Company"Raiffeisen Capital"operates by virtue of License of FCSM Russia No 21-000-1-00160 of20.04.04 for management of investment funds, unit investment funds, andnon-state pension funds and License of FSFM Russia No 077-07744-001000of 08.06.04 for trust management of securities.


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