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LLC «Raiffeisen-Leasing» is among the leaders in V. Gazman’s prestigious rating.

On July 7, in the conference hall of Moscow''s President Hotel, V.Gazman, the leading expert in the sphere of leasing services marketresearch announced the results of the Eighth annual analytical projecton the leasing services market development research in the RussianFederation in 2005. Heads of the leading Russian leasing companiesgathered to the round-table discussion, devoted to this event. LLCRaiffeisen-Leasing acted as general sponsor of the presentation and round-table discussion.

V. Gazman''s rating is annually published in the specialized magazineLeasing Review. This year the edition celebrated its tenth anniversary.

The research based on multiple criteria was conducted among 135 lessors,and among the major criteria were the indices of the scope of lesseeobligations according to leasing agreements as of 31.12.2005. LLCRaiffeisen-Leasing was ranked 11th in this rating. According to leasing agreements as of the end of 2005, lessee obligations totalled more than USD 250 million.

Ranking of universal leasing companies turned out to be very significantas well. According to the ranking, LLCRaiffeisen-Leasing is included in the Top-10, with the value of concluded and funded contracts of more than USD 100 million.

LLCRaiffeisen-Leasing has a diversified customer portfolio and leasing objects'' portfolio. The company leases equipment, cars, railroad cars and a wide range of wheeled equipment. About 32% falls on motor and railroad transport, and 78% falls on construction site, telecommunications, sales, power, chemical and other sorts of production equipment.

Viktor Gazman''s team has once again done a great deal of analytical work. Such studies help to trace the dynamics of development of the Russian leasing services market. The rating helps to watch the peculiarities and tendencies of the domestic leasing. The competition inthis market is growing every year, what may be considered an index of its maturity,- stated G. Kostyleva, Managing director of LLC Raiffeisen-Leasing. The fact that Russian positions in the world and European leasing are getting stronger is very pleasant: our countryhas risen from 34th to 11th place in the world in 6 years, and within the European continent it rose from 20th to 7th place. Our company will do its best to help Russia find itself on top of this rating.

Raiffeisen International holds 75%, and Raiffeisen-Leasing GmbH(Austria) holds 25 % of shares of Raiffeisen-Leasing International. As aparent company, Raiffeisen-Leasing International controls leasing unitsof Raiffeisen International in Central and Eastern Europe. TodayRaiffeisen-Leasing International is a branching network, including 17companies in various European countries. Assets of the company aregrowing steadily, owing to the increase of volume of leasing operations,as well as considered and safe distribution of temporarily free funds.In 2005 Raiffeisen-Leasing International increased the total amount ofleasing deals by 21 % to EUR 1 352 836 000.


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