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Raiffeisenbank meets all the requirements of the Pension Fund of theRussian Federation for transfer-agents.

At the beginning of October a division of the Pension Fund of theRussian Federation, Moscow and the Moscow Region, conducted a routinecheck aimed at determining the compliance degree of ZAORaiffeisenbank Austria with all the requirements of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for transfer-agents. Head of NPF Raiffeisen Elena Gorshkova stated: We are very glad that the representatives of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation pointed out high quality service rendering to insured persons and excellent preparation of the banks personnel responsible for service rendering in the sphere of mandatory pension insurance.

The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation conducted the following checktypes:

  • Check of the compliance degree of the Company with the procedure ofwriting down statements of certification on the applications submittedby insured persons;
  • Check of the register for authentication of the insured persons signature;
  • Check of availability of information required for insured persons realizing his right to choose an investment portfolio or to transfer: from the Pension Fund to NPF, from NPF to another NPF, from NPF to the Pension Fund; as well as the relevance of the presented information;
  • Check of compliance degree of electronic application forms with theprinted ones;
  • Check of compliance degree of the deadlines for Companys submitting electronic applications of insured persons to the division of the Pension Fund with the deadlines determined by the Agreement on mutual authentication of signatures;
  • Check of the Companys ability to ensure appropriate storage of the applications submitted by insured persons.

In their turn, Chairman of the Raiffeisenbank Board Johann Jonachpointed out that efficient service rendering is also ensured by a PFRsmoothly running mechanism of interaction among all the participants ofthe process.

Investments into the sphere of mandatory pension insurance and non-state pension fund scheme are inalienable part of the activities implemented by the Raiffeisen Group in Russia, Herr Jonach continued. We intend to go on making efforts aimed at rendering services in thesphere of pension products to our clients and hope that joint efforts of the bank and the Non-state Pension Fund Raiffeisen will be highly praised by our clients.

ZAORaiffeisenbank Austria acts as the incorporator of NPF Raiffeisen. ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria is an affiliate company of Raiffeisen International Bank Holding AG (Raiffeisen International); the Holding manages bank affiliates and affiliated leasing companies on16 markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Over 2,700 branches render services to 11 mio. clients. Raiffeisen International is a completely consolidated affiliate company of Raiffeisen Zentralbank Austria AG (RZB) owning 70 percent of Holdings common capital stock, theremaining 30 percent are in free circulation and traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Being the lead bank of the Raiffeisen Group, the largest banking group of Austria, RZB is the leading corporate and investment bank and the leading bank of Austria.


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