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«Samarskiy» branch of ZAO «Raiffeisenbank Austria» opened a credit line to LLC «Victor& Co.» for a total of RUR 1, 270 mln

TheSamarskiy branch of ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria opened a credit line to LLC Victor& Co. for a total of RUR 1, 270 mln and for a tenor of 10 years. The loan will be set to refinancing of costs related to construction and start-up of Trade and entertainment center MEGACITY, as well as to further business development of the company.

ZAORaiffeisenbank Austria and LLC Victor& Co. signed a relevant agreement in December 2006. The deal size and the tenor, for which the loan is extended, allow ranging it in a class of the largest significant projects that were implemented in the given market segment in 2006. Insurance partner for this deal is JSCKapital Strahovanie.

It is very important for us that this deal offers us a new stage of cooperation between the Bank and the company, which is one of the major market makers on the commercial real estate market of the Povolzhsky region, and at the same time enables Raiffeisenbank to contribute todevelopment of Samara city infrastructure, - Pavel Gourine, Board Member of ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria, said.

Conduction of a complicated deal that implies the option of project finance became possible due to the fact that ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria is an experienced and sophisticated on the real estate market bank, as well as dynamic and ready to pursue the market trends partner.The next stage of our cooperation is going to be a harmonized work in part of new projects implementation - Victor Surkov, President of Victor& Co. company stated.

MEGACITY is a second project ofVictor& Co. company. The total floor area of the trade and entertainment center, inclusive of parkings, is 52,375 sq.m, the sales area is 26,178 sq.m. The center includes a supermarket, an electronics and household appliances store, sports shop, perfumery, food-court and trade gallery where one can find clothing, shoe, gift and accessories stores. For convenience of shoppers MEGACITY provides for not only open, but covered parking as well (for total of 1600 car places) wherefrom one can get to the trade galleries without going outside.

Information on the companies.

LLCVictor& Co. was established in 1996. Henceforth Victor Ivanovich Surkov has been its President.

Priority business areas: investment and large commercial real estateprojects. Preferred business concept: socially responsible business.

Victor& Co. company is a dynamically growing structure with a long-term experience in commercial real estate market operation. The implemented by the company projects stand out with their uniqueness and compliance with the adopted international standards. In its activity the company bases upon experience and support from the leading foreign companies. As of today the Company has implemented one of the most successful projects of trade and entertainment real estate in Russia Megacomplex Moskovskiy mall (with 140 thsd. sq.m of total floor area).This complex includes a Trade center with eight-hall multiplex and the first in Russia hypermarket for construction materials of DIY Castorama format of the English corporation Kingfisher, as well s a Cultural and entertainment center with the first in Russia roofed aquapark, the largest in the Volga region Bouling-center (33 paths), Billiard club (83 tables), which is registered in Guinness World Records, and with the first in Samara fitness-club of Golds Gym international network and a unique sports complex with 12 indoor tennis courts. In spring 2006 the Company opened MEGACITY mall (with 58 thsd. sq.m of total built-up area) this is one of the few regional shopping centers in Russia that are fully (from concept to technical facilities) in line with the world standards of commercial real estate.

The company keeps track of the real estate market development andresponds to its changes in a timely manner. Thus, at presentVictor&Co. implements a project of the largest -class logistic terminal (with 130 thsd. sq.m of total floor area) that is an urgent need for such a booming region as Samara Oblast. Moreover, the company constructs the third mall on the territory of Samara with a total floor area of 140 thsd. sq.m.

ZAO"Raiffeisenbank Austria" ranks the 9th position among the largestRussian banks in terms of assets volume based on Q3 2006 results (CEAInterfax). As of today the Bank has 20 offices in Moscow, 5 offices inSaint-Petersburg and regional branches in Ekaterinburg, Samara,Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk andPerm. In terms of corporate loan portfolio Raiffeisenbank is on the 9thposition under the results of Q3 2006 (CEA Interfax). Raiffeisenbankranks the 8th position among the major retail banks of Russia in termsof consumer lending and the 8th position in terms of private depositsaccording to Q3 2006 results (CEA Interfax).

ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen InternationalBank-Holding AG (Raiffeisen International) that operates subsidiarybanks and leasing companies in 16 markets in Central and Eastern Europe.11.7 million customers are attended through more than 2,775 businessoutlets. Representative offices in Lithuania and Moldova complement theGroup''s presence in the region. Raiffeisen International is a fullyconsolidated subsidiary of Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG (RZB),which owns 70 per cent of the common stock, the remaining 30 per cent isfree float and the shares are traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange. RZBis a leading corporate and investment bank in Austria and the centralinstitution of the Austrian Raiffeisen Banking Group, the country''slargest banking group.


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