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IMPEXBANK summed up the results of small and medium business crediting.

On February 16, 2007, in Essentuki, Stavropol Krai,"Plaza" Hotel hosteda press-conference which was attended by Johann Jonach, CEO of ZAORaiffeisenbank Austria, Alexey Korovin, First Deputy Chairman of theBoard of IMPEXBANK, Alexander Mashir, Director of Small and MediumBusiness Department, Galina Sysoeva, Director of"Essentuksky" Branch.The participants of the press-conference reported to the journalists onthe last year''s performance of IMPEXBANK in the area of small and mediumbusiness crediting, about the development of the branch network and itsplans for the future.

Upon opening the conference Johann Jonach, CEO of ZAO RaiffeisenbankAustria, underlined the importance of small and medium business loansprograms in the product line of the united bank. As for the developmentof the branch network, he emphasized the important role regions play inthe implementation of loan projects of the new bank."This sector isreally in high need of financing. In 2006 the share of loans granted byRaiffeisenbank to medium businesses in the overall corporate portfolioexceeded 33%. The share of regions in Raiffeisenbank''s overall corporateportfolio exceeded 32%. It is obvious that small and medium businessfinancing will be one the priority areas of the united bank, moreover,the wide regional network (45 regions) will allow to initiate SMBfinancing programs on the federal level", reported Johann Jonach.

Further expanding the topic, Alexey Korovin, First Deputy Chairman ofthe Board of IMPEXBANK, summed up the results of the bank''s performancein 2006 in the area of small and medium business crediting. He remarked:"Over the last year the small and medium-business credit portfolio ofIMPEXBANK has increased by 70 % and by the beginning of 2007 totaled10,354.3 billion rubles* with an increase of 3,129.7 billion rubles*.The portfolio growth is mainly caused by the bank branches which areresponsible for 90% of the figure above."

Commenting on small and medium business loans programs within newstandards Alexander Mashir, Director of Small and Medium BusinessDepartment, said:"This year we are introducing a new segmentationprocedure for small businesses. Two categories of borrowers qualify assmall businesses: micro-business– businesses with annual receipts of up to 1 million euro and small business – businesses with annual receipts of up to 8 million euro. Standard small business loans programs of IMPEXBANK are intended for the categories above."

During the press-conference the managers of IMPEXBANK reported that lastyear considerable growth of the SMB credit portfolio had been achievedby IMPEXBANK branches located in the south of Russia.

Towards the end of the press-conference Galina Sysoeva, Director of"Essentuksky" Branch of IMPEXBANK, reported on the performance of theregional division of the bank in Essentuki in 2006. She pointed out thatthe branch had increased its assets 1.5 times which as of January 1,2007, had totaled 685 million rubles*. The household credit portfolioincreased 2.5 times and on January 1, 2007, amounted to 245 millionrubles*, SMB credit portfolio also experienced considerable growth overthe period and at the beginning of the year totaled 376.2 millionrubles*. Funds raised from individuals amounted 150 million rubles as ofJanuary, 1, 2007*.

IMPEXBANK was established in 1993 and at present it is a universalcommercial bank which is in the top 30 largest banks in Russia in termsof assets and equity as well as in the top 10 retail banks. The Bank isa participant of the National Deposit Insurance System.

IMPEXBANK has an extensive sales network including 45 full-serviceregional branches, 26 offices and 30 mini-offices in Moscow, 40additional offices in regions, about 400 consumer-loan offices and over500 ATMs.

From April 2006 IMPEXBANK is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen InternationalBank-Holding AG which operates subsidiary banks and leasing companies in16 markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

* non-audited internal data of IMPEXBANK


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