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Changes in Current Account Tariffs and Tariffs for bankcards become effective from June 4, 2007.

Dear Customers!

Please be informed of the following changes in Current Account Tariffs and interest rates for personal and Tariffs for bankcards (hereinafter The Tariffs).

We made the following changes in Current Account Tariffs:

  1. We changed the Article 6 - The fee for foreign currency transfers to other banks is 1% from the amount minimum 50 maximum 500 rubles.
  2. We changed the Article 10 - Interest paid on accounts is 0.01%.
  3. We changed the Article 11 - Interest paid on accounts in other currencies is: CHF, GBP, and JPY - 0.01%.
We made the following changes in Tariffs for bankcards:
  1. We added the Article 6 - commission for issue of a new card in case of card damage including demagnezation of a magnetic line, loss of a card or/and PIN-code - 300 rubles or 10 US dollars / euros. The commission is not valid for VISA/MasterCard Gold, VISA/MasterCard Gold-Frequent Traveler, VISA Golf Gold cards.
The amendments to the Tariffs become effective from June 4, 2007. You can receive the new version of the Tariffs in the Bank's branches. Regards,
ZAO Raiffeisenbank Austria


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