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Updating of information about ZAO Raiffeisenbank clients, clients’ representatives, beneficiaries and beneficial owners

Dear customers of ZAO Raiffeisenbank,

As stipulated in the RF legislation clients of credit organisations are obliged to provide them with the following information on themselves, their representatives, beneficiaries and beneficial owners:

 — with respect to natural persons — surname, first name and patronymic (except as otherwise ensuring a law or ethnic custom), citizenship, the date of birth, personal identity document details, data of migration card, document confirming the foreign citizen’s or stateless person’s right to stay (reside) in the RF, residential (registration) address or whereabouts (if applicable), taxpayer identification number (if any);

 — with respect to legal persons — the name, taxpayer identification number or code of the foreign organization (received from Russian tax authorities), state registration number, place of state registration and location address; as well as information on the objectives of financial and economic activities, financial standing and business reputation of clients being legal persons or individual entrepreneurs.

In the event of the above mentioned information being altered or its previous non-provision we kindly ask you to furnish the Bank with due information (by filling the necessary form of questionnaire) and confirmative documents until the 30th of June, 2014. We are grateful for cooperation.


Questionnaire of client — natural person.

Questionnaire of client — legal entity.

ZAO Raiffeisenbank.


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